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2015 Forbes Under 30 Summit

Art direction and design for Forbes Under 30 Summit for 2015–2016



2015 Forbes Under 30 Summit

The Forbes Under 30 Summit is Forbes' largest summit and brings together 2,000+ members of the 'Under 30' community for three days of plenary sessions, keynote speakers, breakout sessions, a music festival, a food festival and bar crawl. The design effort, applied to all elements of the 360° experience, draws young and innovative millennials to Forbes' mission of entrepreneurial capitalism. 


backdrop scrim

branded knee walls

presentation slides




art direction& design

name badges

registration booths


posters & pullup banners




/music festival

art direction & design

side scrims

press box banner

signage at vip festival

branded beachballs & glowsticks


/onsite marketing

"change the world" wall
marketing & art direction 

garner attendee participation through group "paint-by-numbers"

participants were invited to write down their inspirations and goals post-summit on post-it notes. notes were then adhered to the wall on corresponding squares to reveal a message as the wall filled up. 

marketing & art direction